Visual editor missing after WordPress auto update – version 4.7.2

Oh no!! It’s really frustrating! After the WordPress update visual editor is missing on my WordPress installation. What to do now?

I woke up this morning with the WordPress auto update email and I ignored it like always do 🙂 Just deleted the email from Inbox, however, I didn’t forget to note the version and its features…

I always prefer Text editor for drafting my posts, and uses Visual mode for final touch-up work before publishing it! This time I was working on a large topic, and it finished after the 4 to 5 hours.. Okay, then I selected the Visual composer. Oh no!! It’s showing blank. Oops!

I never got panic! If there is a problem, definitely it has solutions too..
I am not much familiar with coding part, that’s the problem. I searched a lot and finally fixed it!

When I googled it, I noted one comment in the support forum of WordPress’s CMS regarding the same questions. In that topic, the wordPress version was 4.5, here the WordPress version is 4.7.2.

I’m pasting that comment for your reference:

“Use PHPMyAdmin (or another database editor) to search inside your WordPress database in your “wp_options” table for the record called “can_compress_scripts”. and if it has a value of “1” for the “option_value”, change this to “0” and save the change. You will find your editor working again! 

Without thinking further, I logged into the cPanel and accessed PhpMyAdmin. Yeah, there is an entry “can_compress_scripts” in “wp_options” table. But in my case it was already set to 0.

I changed the value from 0 to 1 🙂 Yup that did the trick!

Refresh the WordPress post page and Visual editor is okay now!

Not sure, if this steps fix your problem actually, but sue you can give it a try. Please comment your suggestions..

P.S. You are editing the main database for your WordPress installation, be cautious and alert to risks or dangers!!

Thank you!!

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