How Trees can be Headache for Your TV Aerial Signals

We know very well the trees are healthy for the environment, and we always focus on growing more trees so our air can be purified. On one side the trees are good for a healthy environment, but on the other side the trees can be a headache for your TV aerial installation.

The trees near your home could interrupt the signals of the TV aerial, and you can face difficulty in watching your favorite program. So this is very clear you need to make sure the place where you mounting your TV aerial could be trees free.

Effect of Trees on TV Aerial Signals

Trees can cause a variety of problems with TV reception, but luckily, there are steps you can take to help you. There is always a way around the tree versus signal dilemma. Trees affect specific channels more than others, so you may have a problem with trees, but some channels are good while others are absent. Click here to get solution of this problem

Common Reasons for Signals Loss

Any satellite that provides TV orbits around the equator. In the northern hemisphere, satellite dishes point to the south and, in the southern hemisphere, they point to the north. This means that if there are trees in the opposite direction, they will not affect TV signals. If you have trees in the same direction as your pot, you will certainly have problems.

Trees also tend to move with the wind, especially in a storm. Moving trees naturally causes interruptions in TV signals. Your image may break or become pixelated and you may lose service completely. Moving trees is not usually a permanent problem, but it can cause problems during a storm. Higher frequency signals are more likely to lose control during a storm.

Trees also change with changing seasons. Beginning in spring and autumn, your trees will grow leaves, which can contribute to poor TV reception. Leaves produce more organic matter than TV signals need to pass through to reach your home. You may have a situation where the signal is perfect during the winter and begins to fail as the leaves grow.

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