Top 3 Prank Apps you need to install today

As technological advances on our smartphones continue to amaze us, so has the art of pranking. Thanks to your friendly neighbourhood app developers, more and more prank apps are being created every month, introducing tons of new prank ideas!

Now, wait a minute. What exactly is a prank app? 

A prank app is an application developed to play practical jokes on your buddies, straight from your smartphone. These sophisticated yet easy to use apps also come with multiple, unique features that are sure to take your pranks to the next level!

Below are our top 3 prank apps that you first need to download when trying for the first time. 


Prank calls are fantastic if you can do them right, but many fail to realize that the process requires considerable skill to pull off. If you fumble over your words or laugh every time you try, it’s time to download the OwnagePranks prank dial app.

This prank call app contains over 100 prerecorded calls automated to play once your friend picks up and answers the phone. Each prank script presents a unique scenario applicable to everyday situations – an angry girlfriend warning you to stay away from her boyfriend or a disgruntled pizza delivery driver with a massive order at your door.

Although they are only automated calls, the app has a brilliant speech recognition AI that can anticipate silence and recognize keywords. From it’s on the spot analysis, the app can respond at the correct times, doing an extremely convincing job of emulating a real human. 


  • Contains a tonne of prank scripts to fool your friends with
  • Easy to use: Pick a script, call, and then listen in.
  • Calls are recorded so you can listen again right afterward
  • Submit your best reactions to the Pranks Hall of Fame, where the very best are featured regularly

Fake Call & SMS

This app was developed for users to schedule fake incoming calls, so you could say this is a prank call except in reverse. 

A fake incoming call can be used in various pranks scenarios, but none better than escaping tedious situations with a great excuse. Let’s pretend you’re in a work meeting, time is dragging, and you desperately need to go. 

Instead of making a transparent excuse and expecting your colleagues to take your word for it, organize a fake call where you essentially talk to yourself and pretend to have an emergency. The phone call gives the excuse credibility, reducing any suspicion. 

What makes Fake Call & SMS outstanding among its competitors is it’s extra features, as not only can you receive calls but also text messages that’s been altered by you prior. Furthermore, users can quickly give individual profiles to their fake callers, assigning them phony names, numbers, and even pictures.


  • Users can organize simulated incoming calls and SMS
  • Assign a name, number, and picture to the fake caller for validity
  • Write and receive fake incoming text messages

Spider in phone Prank

Every prank app or prank recommendation list deserves at least one mischievous act that will scare the living wits out of your friend. The Spider in Phone prank, like the name suggests displays multiple tarantulas to walk over your smartphone screen once the app is launched and the timer has been set.

To get the best jump-scare reactions, you may want to secretly install the app on your target’s phone when they’re out of the room (you didn’t hear that from me!). Once your friend begins their typical social media routine on their phone, regardless of what app is being used, a life-like spider will start to walk across their screen. 

While there are other similar prank apps available, none have the smooth, detailed animation that is so realistic it’s guaranteed to fool your friends. So, the next time you feel like scaring your buddy who has a phobia of spiders, instead of purchasing a fake spider from the toy store, download this app instead!


  • Shows a spider walking across your phone screen when you least expect it
  • The prank will begin regardless of what app is being used at the time
  • Spider animation is so good it looks like the real thing
  • Set up the time when spiders begin to crawl on the screen

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