How to terminate or delete a cPanel account through SSH?

How to terminate or delete a cPanel account through SSH?

This post is updated because cPanel changed the script to remove an account via command line. This is simple to manage cPanel via server CLI (command line interface). Here we discuss about the command to terminate an account from CLI. In older versions of cPanel, the command was “killacct.” The original location for this script is:



/scripts/killacct username


# /scripts/killacct crybit
Are you sure you want to remove the account "crybit" [y/N]? y
Running pre removal script (/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/prekillacct)......Done
Collecting Domain Name and IP......Done
Updating ftp passwords for crybit
Purging ftp user crybit
Ftp password files updated.
Ftp vhost passwords synced
crybit account removed

Later cPanel changed the script from killacct to removeacct. In latest cPanel server, you can terminate an account using the following command:



/scripts/removeacct username

That’s it!
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

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12 thoughts on “How to terminate or delete a cPanel account through SSH?

  1. A good tut but I want to change the domain of my cpanel account… Ie I don’t have whm access but have ssh root access. So my previous domain was removed or expired now I want to change this please any tutorial or solution

    1. Shiv, thanks for pointing out this issue. That script (/scripts/killacct) is depreciated and you can use “/scripts/removeacct” for teminating an account via CLI. I’ll update this topic soon.

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