Setup a test page under kloxo.

To set up a test web page in kloxo controlled server is something different from normal cPanel based server. Here I’m discussing the ideas for install and setup a test page on server having Kloxo panel.

How to install Kloxo Panel on a server
Follow the steps below to install kloxo on your server.

 sh ./ --type=master

Port numbers to access Kloxo panel.
7778 & 7777 are the default ports for kloxo normal and secuered connections.


How to create a test page under atest domain on kloxo
After a fresh installation of kloxo panel on server and try to access the server by using the IP address via browser and it load the default web page like shown below.

The domain is pointing to the wrong Kloxo server. Ping the domain and make sure that the IP matches one of the IPaddress seen in admin home -> ipaddresses
If you are seeing this page when you try to access an IP like, then that means that the IP has not yet been mapped to a domain. Go to client home -> ipaddresses -> ipaddress home -> domain config and map an IP to a domain.


It means we didn’t map that IP to any location(to any domain on that server). Here we discussed with a fresh kloxo panel so we need to setup a domain under the server by using kloxo. to setup(create) a domain by using kloxo follow the steps below,

1. Login to kloxo panel
2. Resources>>Add domain


3. Fill domain details(name and document root) and press the add button


Fine, now we created a domain on the server then we need to map that domain to IP address.

4. Resources>>IP Address

5. Select IP>> configure domain
Here you can select the domain which you want to point on that IP and update.
Now the IP directs to the home directory of that domain we maped with that IP address.

6. Set up your own test page under the home directory location of that domain either from file manager or backend(/home/admin/username). It will displays that page you have added.

These are the simple steps to setup a test page under kloxo panel.
Thank you.

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