Simple script to list dedicated IP address usage of domains under a Reseller – WHM/cPanel

In a cPanel server, the dedicated IP address usage is listed in the “/etc/domainips” file. You can simply find the dedicated IP address of a particular domain from here. Here, I am explaining a simple backend script for listing all domains which has dedicated IP address under a reseller account. You must have an idea about the following cPanel backend files for listing this.

/etc/trueuserdomains - Have domain name with username.
/etc/trueuserowners - User name with true owner.
/etc/domainips - Have domains with dedicated IP address.

Step 1

Find the username(reseller) from “/etc/trueuserdomains”

Step 2

Find all users under the reseller from “/etc/trueuserowners”

grep $username /etc/trueuserowners

Step 3

Find all domains from “/etc/trueuserdomains”

grep $username /etc/trueuserdomains

Step 4

Find dedicated IP address associated with domains from “/etc/domainips”

grep $domain-name /etc/domainips

Script to list all domain with its dedicated IP address under a reseller.

Create a file with executable permission and copy the below pasted script.

Step 1

touch dedicatedip.txt

Step 2

chmod 755 dedicatedip.txt

Step 3

vi dedicatedip.txt

### Dedicated IP address usage of domains under a reseller ###

#Enter the user name (Reseller)
echo "Enter the username here"
read username

#Store all accounts under reseller to a file
grep $username /etc/trueuserowners|cut -d: -f1 > unames.txt

#Fetch domain name details using for loop
for i in `cat unames.txt`; do grep $i /etc/trueuserdomains;done|cut -d: -f1 > dnames.txt

#Fetch IP usage from /etc/domainips
for i in `cat dnames.txt`; do grep $i /etc/domainips;done > ipusage.txt

#Listing IP usage
cat ipusage.txt

#Removing files
rm -r ipusage.txt dnames.txt unames.txt

echo completed

Step 4


Please see the sample output:

Step 1

[[email protected] ~]# ./dedicated.txt
Enter the username here

Step 2

[[email protected] ~]# ./dedicated.txt
Enter the username here

Try this and let me know your suggestions.


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