How to remove duplicated emails/messages?

Frustrated with duplicated messages? Here is the solution!

One of our clients email account recently encountered this problem. Email account with a lot of unread duplicated emails. It’s really frustrating and time wasting. Consider the scenario, your Inbox is full with 1000+ emails which contains random duplicated emails.

It’s very difficult to find out and remove the duplicated ones from thousands of emails. It might be with same subjects, some from same sender, some other have same time stamp etc. It’s also difficult to remove those from the server command line.

Here is a simple solution for this problem. A smart plugin to sort out and remove the duplicated messages from mail boxes. Here I’m explaining a ThunderBird’s plugin to do so. It’s totally free and you can download this plugin from the following location:

Download –>ย Remove Duplicate Messages

Click on the Download linkย and save file to your local machine.

Installation steps

1. Download and save the file to your local machine.

2. Open Mozilla Thunderbird. In Mozilla Thunderbird move to the top right corner, open Addons from the Tools menu.

The screenshot I attached will help you on this.


3. From the options button next to the add-on search field, select “Install Add-on From File…” and locate the downloaded add-on.


4. Install the Addon and restart Thunderbird software.


That’s it! This plugin will be active after restarting the ThunderBird.

How to use “Remove Duplicate Messages” Addon on Mozilla Thunderbird?

You can simply use this tool to find-out and remove duplicated emails from folders and its sub-folders simply right clicking on a folder and choosing “Remove duplicates…..” Please see the FLAG column before proceeding with remove. By-default it keeps one copy of the duplicated emails.

There are a lot of options are available with this plugin to sort out the duplicated messages. You can configure this from Plugin >> options.

Let me know if you have any questions on this topic.

This plugin is not working since ThunderBird version 45.2. Please refer to This Page for any updates from Plugin vendor.

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  1. Unfortunately later version of Thunderbird break most add-ons, including this one. Unless someone updates them you’re kinda S.O.L. Too bad as I like Thunderbird but it gets more unusable with every new versions.. ๐Ÿ™

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