Is MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Best to Host Your Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce is surely going to become a major field in the retail market world-wide. Additionally, during the pandemic all the offline stores and retailers found it difficult to earn as they has to completely shut down their business. While the online stores will still running and delivering products to their customers by following the safety measures. If you don’t have an online presence for your business, you won’t be able to reach a larger audience. Only the local audience will know you.

When you take your offline store online, you can easily do that. There are many services that offer you with all the essentials to setup your online store by clicking just a few buttons. You just need to check for a suitable ecommerce platform and build your online store.

There are several site builders available online that will help you to build an ecommerce store. No other CMS is as best as WordPress. The reason behind the popularity of WordPress is its user-friendly dashboard that helps you to just place elements in the theme of WordPress that you select. There is no need to code or program like the web developers do. It is possible to build your ecommerce platform without the coding skills. 

Additionally, to host your WordPress based website there is a special hosting platform designed and that is WordPress hosting. 

WordPress Hosting in Brief

Simply speaking, WordPress hosting is a type of hosting that has been developed for meeting the needs of WordPress’ performance and security. In this type of hosting, you get one-click WordPress installs that help in starting with your online WordPress store easily. Besides, the WordPress hosting providers will update your WordPress software automatically.  

There are two main types of WordPress hosting offered – shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. 

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting comes at a price cheaper than managed WordPress hosting.

As the name suggests, your site needs to “share” a server with other websites in shared WordPress hosting. Your server will be configured in such a way that it will provide the best performance for WordPress.

Apart from the performance tweaks, you’ll also get a one-click WordPress installer. To be frank, this isn’t a big benefit because you already get a 1-click WordPress installer with cPanel. You may also get pre-installed WordPress from some shared WordPress hosts.

Finally, also some WordPress cloud  hosting providers will offer you automatic upgrade option that will keep your WordPress updated. Sometimes your plugins and themes also will get upgraded. This feature is important as it will keep your WordPress site updated.

You also get more WordPress-specific features from some WordPress hosts, but the above are actually the base standard.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Let’s consider shared WordPress hosting as a 3-star hotel then managed WordPress hosting is a 5-star resort with beachfront views.

Besides the features offered by shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting particularly offers:

  • Faster speeds. With Managed WordPress hosting, you get improved hardware specs that help in offering faster WordPress site performance.
  • Server-side caching. Caching plays a key role in improving the speed of your WordPress site. It is managed by a plugin, but with managed WordPress hosting, you get improved caching without any work on your end.
  • Imrpoved security. Managed WordPress hosting also offers you WordPress-specific firewalls, regular malware scans and intrusion detection. This means significantly you get a highly secure WordPress site.
  • Staging sites. Many managed hosts even offer staging sites which allow you to easily test changes on your clone site before you make them live on the actual website.

Check the review of the best Managed WordPress Hosting provider in short.

Introduction to MilesWeb

A proud supporter of WordPress, MilesWeb was started in 2012. Performance, security, reliability and customer support are the features for which they have received appreciaton from the review companies. With their dedicated customer support team that works 24*7, you get the assistance for any technical queries related to website hosting. If you want to discontinue their services, you can claim for the refund within first 30 days of service purchase. With their high-powered datacenters you get an uptime of 99.95% for keeping your websites always up and running.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans


  • Fully Managed WordPress
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Built for Performance
  • Free Domain
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Security
  • WordPress Preconfigured
  • Fast Provisioning
  • Secure Email
  • Datacenter Choice

Customer Reviews

The Verdict

If you are planning to host your ecommerce website with WordPress hosting, it is surely the best option as you get ample of features for managing your e-store. Managed WordPress hosting allows you to stay focused on your business growth instead of working on tasks such as server maintenance, installing updates, etc. MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting plans offer significant features at affordable prices so that anyone can easily buy them.

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