Do you want your Instagram feed to look distinctive? Useful graphic design tips to count on

Instagram is predominantly a visual social media platform. Hence, your Instagram feed must appear aesthetic. If your pictures are shot in poor lighting and are blurry, your user engagement rate will fall.

You must post clear and vibrant images. Do you want to design the Instagram feed correctly? If yes, then you necessarily don’t have to be a thorough professional. The useful strategies are mentioned below:

Manage the color combinations

Colour is a crucial graphic design element. People will notice your Instagram color scheme first, and it gives your profile a specific appeal. Colour is a strong element that can develop a certain ambiance and stir up emotions and memories in your online viewers.

You will find out exciting facts once you start delving into colors. Every color carries a specific meaning and has a mood attached to it. For instance, blue shade evokes peace and serenity. For a few people, blue also symbolizes self-reflection.

Hence, you need to leverage color theory in the Instagram feed by knowing the exact emotion you want to stir up in your audience. That way, you can send the correct message to your customers. The moment you set-up a color combination, you can remain consistent with it, so that people will start identifying with the images as your brand images start showing.

You can use the color theory both for your news freed, grid posts, and the Instagram stories. It will make more people to like your post. And for more real likes on Instagram, you can check out Insta 4 Likes

Imagery is crucial

Instagram images are essential for your brand, and it should resonate with the viewers and customers at large. If your followers don’t follow and resonate with the imageries, they will unfollow you soon and move towards another brand. So, you start by making a list of words that get associated with your brand.

You have to be highly specific here and start exploring from there. For instance, if you are a local florist, you don’t need to restrict yourself to flower images. Go ahead and share other aspects that are related to flowers, for instance, natural elements and interior design, and how to use flowers to accentuate the interior décor aesthetics.

Understanding white space

One of the critical tasks on Instagram is to create a balance between white space and images. It refers to the area that surrounds the text and subject matter. It works by providing a “breathing room” for the viewers to soak up the visual elements.  Any image without a white space isn’t easy for the eyes. It might be a struggle for the followers to decipher the image content and meaning. To steer clear from this, you need to add in ample white space for the viewers to get clarity on what they are looking at.

It would be best if you kept it simple

Business owners or solo entrepreneurs think that they need to be expert photographers and have excellent editing skills to create a stunning Instagram gallery and news feed. The crucial tip here is that you exactly need to know what you are showcasing and what your customers want. One of the smartest graphic design tips for Instagram is to keep things simple and hassle-free.

You don’t need to put in extra efforts to create elaborate image sets. Instead, click a picture that you think your current followers will like and find interesting. There’s no need for it to be a posed photograph. If an image has natural habitat as its subject matter, it might work in your favor instead of staged images.

You have to get creative

At the core, Instagram is a visual platform, and you need not restrict yourself to what others are doing. Work out your ways and get creative! That will work for you instead of trying to follow the genetic norm. Just because everyone is using pastel shade backdrops, doesn’t mean you need to do the same. Chances are you can opt-in for the vintage background trend, which will give your brand a distinctive appeal.

Every brand is different! And your products will be different in comparison to another brand in the same niche. So, get on with the Instagram brainstorming sessions and go all creative. Think out of the box and don’t fall short of experimenting. You can create the best news feed, image, and Instagram Story templates that way. And as your audience starts resonating with it and shares their feedback, you know what to implement and what to cancel.

Till date, Instagram is a crucial social media platform. It helps you to connect with your audience and develop brand trust. Do you want to appear distinctive with your images and posts? If yes, you should follow a few essential graphic design rules. You can start by assessing the color scheme of your subject matter and being as creative as possible.  

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