Important cPanel service’s configuration file, path, service name, port – Command line view

This is a topic about configuration files, path to different configuration files, different services, different ports of a server with control panel cPanel. I have already posted a lot of topics with the  top most Web-hosting control panel WHM/cPanel. WHM has a lot of inbuilt services and scripts for managing server simply. This is an important one to know about the details of different services and its configuration locations for managing them simply. After reading this, you will get all configuration files in a cPanel based server.

WHM/cPanel has a lot of inbuilt services. The important configuration files and the corresponding conf file path are listed below:

The cpanel configuration file

Configuration file : cpanel.config
Path : /var/cpanel/cpanel.config
Service : cpanel

Apache – The web server

Default Port : #80
Configuration file : httpd.conf 
Path : /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Or /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf
Service : httpd

Exim – The mail server

Configuration file : exim.conf
Path : /etc/exim.conf
Service : exim

Bind – The name server

Default Port : 53
Configuration file : named.conf
Path : /etc/named.conf
Service : named
DB location : /var/named

FTP server

Default Port : 20, 21
Configuration file : proftpd.conf
Path : /etc/proftpd.conf
Service : proftpd


Default Port : 20, 21
Configuration file : pure-ftpd.conf
Path : /etc/pure-ftpd.conf
Service : pure-ftpd


Default Port : 3306
Configuration file : my.cnf
Path : /etc/my.cnf
Service : mysql


Configuration file : php.ini 
Path : /usr/local/lib/php.ini (php --ini : to find conf location)

Networking Setup

/etc/hosts - Host entries
/etc/resolv.conf - Resolver Configuration
/etc/nameserverips - Nameserver IPs

clamav – The antivirus configuration file

Configuration file : clamav.conf
Path : /etc//etc/clamav.conf
Service : clamd

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Other useful configuration files are;

# /var/cpanel/users/username cpanel user file
# /var/cpanel/resellers For addpkg, etc permissions for resellers.
# /var/run/chkservd	 Main >> Server Status >> Service Status
# /etc/chkserv.d Main >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager
# /var/log/dcpumon	 top log process
# /root/cpanel3-skel skel directory. Eg: public_ftp, public_html. (Account
Functions–>Skeleton Directory )
# /etc/wwwacct.conf account creation defaults file in WHM (Basic cPanel/WHM
# /etc/cpupdate.conf Update Config
# /etc/ips – ip addresses on the server (except the shared ip) (IP Functions–>Show IP Address Usage )
# /etc/ipaddrpool IP Addresses which are free
# /etc/ips.dnsmaster	 name server ips
# /var/cpanel/Counters To get the counter of each users.
# /var/cpanel/bandwidth To get bandwith usage of domains
# /var/cpanel/bandwidth : rrd files of domains
# /var/cpanel/username.accts : reseller accounts are listed in this files
# /var/cpanel/packages : hosting packages are listed here
# /var/cpanel/root.accts : root owned domains are listed here
# /var/cpanel/suspended : suspended accounts are listed here
# /var/cpanel/users/ : cpanel user file – theme, bwlimit, addon, parked, sub-domains all are listed in this files
# /var/cpanel/zonetemplates/ : dns zone template files are taken from here

That’s it 🙂

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