How to check cpanel license details?

WHM/cPanel is one of the most commonly using web-hosting control panel. It’s a paid one. The installation of cPanel in a server is quite simple.

After installing cPanel, you’ll only get a 15 days trial version of it. You need to purchase license for that particular server IP address to continue the service.

You can refer this link to install WHM/cPanel control panel to your CentOS server.

You can simply check all details about your WHM/cPanel license from the below pasted URL. Click the URL and search with your WHM/cPanel severs IP address.

License verification link

“Invalid License error for cPanel” : Some times you may got error like this, The first step to solve this is a license verification check by using the above mentioned link.

Error : "Invalid License error for cPanel"


Step 1: Check the validity of the license from the above link.
If it is a valid one, go ahead with the following steps.

Step 2: Login to ssh.

Step 3: Make sure that port 80 is open to contact cPanel license server and your server’s hostname is a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name).

Step 4: Stop the firewalls running in the server and run the below command.

# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

This should update the correct license.

How to check a cPanel server is licensed or not from server command line interface?

You can execute the following command to check whether the IP addresses of the server is properly licensed or not:

curl -L

The output must show the main IP address of the server.

To know whether a cPanel server is licensed or not, we can execute the following commands from the server’s command line interface. Read more…

Please try to run it on shell and let me know if have any questions…


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