Is there any way to enable SPF and DKIM for all newly creating cPanel accounts by-default?

Really! Is it possible to turn on email authentication features SPF and DKIM by-default for all newly creating cPanel accounts?

Yes, it’s possible! We can turn on this option from the WHM tweak settings. By default, DKIM option is enabled in WHM. Before enabling, let us check “what is SPF and DKIM?”.

These are email authentication features. Enabling this features in the DNS will increase the reputation of all emails sent out from that account (domain). SPF stands for “Sender Policy Framework”, it’s a TXT record to the domain DNS. DKIM stands for “Domain Keys Identified Mail”, DKIM is an authentication protocol that is used by email receivers to determine original ownership of that email. In a DKIM enabled domain, an encrypted digital signature will add to all emails sent out from that domain which will help to identify the originality of that email.

Where I can enable/check this?

You can check this from this location:

Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings
Enable DKIM on domains for newly created accounts
Enable SPF on domains for newly created accounts

Please see the image below:

spf and dkim

That’s it!


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