[Solved]cPanel icon is missing from WHM’s List accounts option

Hey guys..cPanel icon missing fom WHM!!! OMG!!!

When I tried to access users accounts from WHM, cPanel icon is missing. I am unable to access cPanel accounts from WHM.

Don’t get panic guys!!!

It’s very simple and easy to enable cPanel icon in WHM. You can follow the steps described below to access cPanel from WHM. For root users and resellers, it’s very easy for them to access/manage individual accounts via WHM. While accessing the user accounts via WHM, it won’t ask for cPanel password. That’s the benefit. That is, even if we don’t know the cPanel password of the individual user accounts, we can access their cPanel from WHM. You won’t be able to access PHPMyAdmin of a user, if you access the account from WHM. For that, you can directly access PHPMyAdmin from WHM.

Here is a tip to access individual databases without accessing the cPanel, >> access PhpMyAdmin without cpanel password <<

Here are the steps to enable cPanel icon in WHM for user accounts:

1. Click on “Tweak Settings” under Server Configuration


2. In Tweak Settings, scroll down to “System” tab. There, for the option

“Accounts that can access a cPanel user account” select the first option which enables Root, Account-Owner and cPanel user to access cPanel.


This setting defines who all can access a user’s cPanel account. Account Owner refers to the reseller who owns this account.

Hope you all got a brief idea about this setting in Tweak Settings. That’s it!!!

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