Best Lightning Cables for Your iPad or iPhone

When you are purchasing an iPhone or an iPad, you are going to get a charger and a cable along with the device.

However, a huge drawback that you will have to face with the original charging cables is that they are very short, and they are not as durable as you think them to be.

Apple devices need a lot of charge in comparison to other brands as they are extremely power hungry.

It is not always possible to carry the same cable everywhere.

This is why most people prefer purchasing a separate charging cable that is not only long but also extremely durable.

Given below is a list of the best lightning cables for your iPad or iPhone that you can consider if you are looking forward to purchasing one soon.

Syncwire UNBREAKcable

This lightning cable is definitely capable of living up to the name. Syncwire is a reputed brand and it is known to test all the products in order to assure the customers that their products do not deteriorate or fray with time.

This cable is coated with a thick rubber coat, and it is extremely rugged, which makes it durable and strong.

The sensible length of this cable and the reasonable price will make you fall for this product! It is available in two colors, which are, black and white. The length available is between 20 cm to 1 m. If you are looking for a strong yet long cable, you should go for this one.

Moshi USB Cable

The lightning cable from Moshi is known to be available in various lengths. However, the most preferable one is the 10ft/3m version. If your plug outlet is quite far from your bed, this is undoubtedly the perfect solution for you.

You can charge your device without having to move from one charging point to another. It is also perfect if you charge your device in your car when you are going to the office. TheĀ Apple charger cable from Moshi is thick and strong and does not break easily.

Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning Cable

This cable from Nomad is made up of ballistic nylon, which not only sounds exciting but it is also more durable than you can imagine.

It has a wonderful PVC jacket along with a strong Kevlar core. You can get your preferred length, as it is available in 1.5m/5ft and 3m/10ft. It also consists of the built-in silicone cables, which helps in managing the cable easily.

Belkin Lightning Cable

If you are looking for a cable that is longer than the standard cables, this should definitely be your pick. This cable is not just extra-long, but you can also afford it without having to spend a fortune. Moreover, you can also rely on this cable when you are charging your device.


It is a great idea to select long and durable cables for your Apple device so that you can charge your device anywhere and anytime, without having to shift from one room to another. Purchasing a spare cable also ensures that you carry one in your bag when you are traveling.



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