How to schedule automatic backup on server with Plesk control panel

There is an option in Plesk control panel to take the full back of the server. Mainly three backup period options are available in the Plesk panel daily, weekly and monthly.

You can simply schedule the backup by following the below pasted steps:

Step I : Login to Plesk control panel


Step II : Select “Tools & Settings” option from the left panel.


Step III : Select “Backup Manager” then “Scheduled Backup Settings


Step IV : You can configure the backup set up from this page.
You can see the important options available in backup configurations from this attached image.


Step V : Then click “OK

That’s it 🙂


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  1. Tushar says:

    This is tushar.i need your help..i have completed RHCSA & RHCE global Certification in RHEL 6 .so my company work on “plesk control panel”.but my joining date is last please give me all tutorial about Plesk control panel ike How to schedule automatic backup on server with Plesk control panel..
    this is very need full for me..if you have possible then please revert on my this email -id.
    i am waiting your reply..

    thanks & Regard

  2. ServertechSupport says:

    Plesk control panel is indeed easy to handle as compared to other panels.

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