Accessing PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login?

Q. How to access the database without its cPanel credentials?

This article will help you to access databases of cPanel users’ without accessing the cPanel account.

Consider the scenario, you’ve a cPanel account and you want to share the details of a database (DB) with one of your we site developers and  actually you do not want to share the cPanel credentials.

In normal cases, to access the PhpMyAdmin you need the cPanel login credentials. In this post Cr a solution for that problem. You can use the PhpMyAdmin package to access databases separately without knowing the account’s password

In cPanel, the default location for phpMyAdmin is:

This main user will have the privilege to access all the databases created under the cPanel account. In this topic, you will find out the way to grant MySQL database access outside the cPanel login.

Download its latest version!

Phymyadmin Latest version – Download

Step 1. Download the stable version of PhyMyAdmin  (phpMyAdmin-4.x.x-english.tar.gz)

Step 2. Upload the the tar file (ex: phpMyAdmin-4.x.x-english.tar.gz) into public folder of the shared account and extract it.

Step 3. Rename the folder so that you can access it by an easy-to-remember URL.

The default URL should be look like:

Rename it to an easy link:

How to test?

Create a MySQL database and a database user.

You can create MySQL database and user for it from cPanel itself, under MySQL databases section.


I created crybit_phpMyAdmin db and crybit_phpAdmin user for testing purpose.

Access the PhyMyAdmin panel from your web browser

Now you can use the MySQL username (Eg. crybit_phpAdmin) and password to the access the assigned database (Eg. crybit_phpAdmin).


You will get a login prompt like the image below:

Once login success, you can manage the database like you deal via cPanel default PhpMyAdmin. Try it and let me know if you face any trouble.

That’s it! Thank you!

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73 thoughts on “Accessing PhpMyAdmin without cPanel login?

  1. Hi Arun, thanks alot for posting this, i was looking for this everywhere but i think everyone was saying own stuff and bla bla bla..
    Thanks alot, finally i can share single database to single user without sharing my cpanel 😀

  2. How do I access my database without the cpanel.

    I know what the username and password is. but it is different from the cpanel one.

    I have to access my database

    maybe something like telnet?

      1. Bro phpMyAdmin is not working as you have mentioned above
        please any other method to access database without cpanel

  3. Thanks a lot Arun. (y)
    Your post is really helpful. And the explanation is also short and to the point.
    It saved my time. 🙂

  4. Hello,
    I did what you said, and when I go the site i get this.
    Not Found

    The requested URL /phpMyAdmin/ was not found on this server.
    thank, you.

  5. Bravo Arun! you are such a genius man. I was searching this from last one year and you made it so easy. Thanks a bunch. I would require any other assistance then I will eat your brain. Arun you are awesome and deserve for beer(s) with me.

  6. Hi Arun Lal,

    You are really great.. You solved my problem which I am trying to discover from 6 months.. I am really so much happy and thankful to you. It solve my biggest problem. Thanks a lot.. You are genius person.

  7. Thanks Arun…this was really helpful. Thanks for such a clear-cut solution.
    I have one question. please excuse if it is too stupid.
    I already have multiple DB’s installed on my server. I am owner of all of them. I need to share one of them to my developer. So, I’ll install the package.
    But, post completion of development, will I be able to UN-install the same without loosing my DBs.


  8. I have extracted the files and its saying that “PHP 5.3+ is required”
    Where do i install the php and how can i assign the user to this path

  9. For those having trouble accessing the link after uploading and renaming the folder. The URL is case sensitive. So if you just trimmed off the last few bits off of the folder but show phpMyAdmin then you have to type that exactly:

    In order to fix this simply rename the folder and make everything lowercase.

  10. I am able to access the phpmyadmin page but when i enter the username and password there it says :
    ” Cannot log in to the MySQL server”

  11. Very…. Very…… Thanks bro, this article is very good. Nice attempt and nice thought bro.
    Keep it up.

  12. Hello
    When accessing phpmyadmin using my domain like mydomain/phpadmin
    They are asking authentication.
    I can login.
    What or which username password should i use?
    It would be really helpfull thanku…

  13. I’ve done it to the exact instruction above but I’m getting the following when I got to

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding() in /home/ on line 177

          1. Thanks Arun.
            I am done with it. Its in the PHP version, by selecting PHP version you will see different extensions.

  14. Thank you for this article, it was really helpful. It worked on one of my servers. But on the other server, I can reach the login screen, but when I login it keeps loading then gives me network or server error, as if it times out and it never works. Have you had such an issue before ? It would be great if you can help with this. Thanks again.

  15. The setup doesn’t create a I copied from a

    It works with or without the But everything is very slow. I have changed ‘localhost’ to ‘’. It doesn’t help either. Any idea?

  16. Thank you for the tutorial really helpful.
    However I cannot still ave access for a particular user.
    I made a new user from Mysql Database utility as you said.
    Also gave all the rights on the database but just cannot access it using phpmyadmin.
    Why so ? Please help

  17. Thank you Arun you saved my time, want to ask one thing,
    can we directly connect database(which is in mySQL on server) using username and password in my website or application??

  18. I am getting this error. This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

  19. Hello, I get this error when I try to login in using database details.

    {cannot log in to mySQL Server.

    mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory}

    Please can you help?

  20. I had downloaded and extracted as instructed, but when i type the url it is showing as 404-page not found error.

  21. You answered nearly 5 years before. Still it’s a best option to access individual mysql user account. cPanel must need to improve themself.

  22. mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user ‘admin_dev’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

    Im not sure how to specify which DB it should login to?

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