How to upload and download files using FTP(file transfer protocol) – ftp command line options

FTP is the abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol which is used to transfer file from one server to another. The file transfer procol has a lot of commandline options to manage simply. We have already discussed the basic commands of FTP in >> FTP basics <<

Here I am explaining the Upload and Download options in FTP in detail.

How to download a single file from server using ftp ?

You can use the ftp command “get” to get/download a file from remote server to your local end or to another server. Here is the example for the same;

Step I : ftp to remote server

1, ftp
2, ftp IP-Address-of-server 
3, ftp Host-name-of-server

Then user-name and password of the ftp account.

Step II : Execute the following command to download file.

get file-name-to-download

For example, if you want to download file ‘download1.txt’ from remote server, simply type the get command as below:

get download1.txt

How to download multiple files from server using ftp ?

Use ‘mget’ instead of the command ‘get’ 🙂
The step I is same, type the files names after the command ‘mget’. See the example:

mget download1.txt download2.txt download3.txt


How to upload a single file to server using ftp ?

Similarly, use the command ‘put’ to upload file from the local end to remote server.

Step I : Connect to ftp account.
Step II : Type the ‘put’ command as bellow:

put file-to-upload


put upload1.txt

For uploading multiple files, use ‘mput’ instead of ‘put’.

mput upload1.txt upload2.txt upload3.txt


That’s it!!

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